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Echoes of Bagdad

Get ready to experience the mystical echoes of Baghdad come to life in an unforgettable event filled with music, dance, and culture!

Come join us at Spektakel, Vienna where two Iraqi Singers are reviving old songs from Bagdad. On this special evening two friends and singers, who know each other since over 15 years, who have shared stages in Bagdhad, and also share the love for the songs from the 40´s and 50s. Karrar Alsaadi and Ali Najm will reintepret this old songs with their unique appraoch with a touch of Rock and modern Jazz. Karrar and Ali will be supported by Mahan Miraarab (Guitar) , Ghassan Abu Haltam (Klarinet) and Sebastian Haidutschek (Drums).

With Ali Najm and Karrar Alsaadi:

Meet Ali Najm, a musical virtuoso hailing from the vibrant city of Baghdad. Born in 1993, Ali is an accomplished Iraqi artist with a diploma and bachelor’s degree in music. His exceptional talent has graced prominent platforms, notably on Arab Idol during its second and third seasons. His journey is not just a personal quest for musical excellence but a commitment to sharing the rich cultural tapestry of Baghdad with a global audience. Whether on the stage of Arab Idol or any other platform.

Karrar Alsaadi: A Visionary Fusion of Cultures

Introducing Karrar Alsaadi, a Baghdad-born Viennese singer and composer whose musical creations are a captivating blend of intercontinental jazz and Iraqi scales. Karrar’s deep-rooted passion for music dates back to the 1990s in Iraq, where he was immersed in a vibrant tapestry of sounds that significantly enriched his formative years.

Building bridges between his Baghdadi heritage and modern sounds, Karrar Alsaadi is a musical innovator, always seeking to open new doors in the world of music. Through his compositions, he reimagines traditional songs with a modern twist, not only anchoring them in the present moment but also preserving through music what war has destroyed.

Gefördert durch den Bezirk Margareten


Mrz 22 2024


8:30 pm



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