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Maestro – Impro Comedy Show

The excitement, the fun, the drama – experience Maestro Impro(TM), the most famous theatresports format across the world! Improvisors from Vienna’s vibrant improv scene will be joined by international guests to fight for the audience’s favor. The show has an elimination structure, where randomly chosen improvisors play scenes with each other. The directors set up the scenes, which will be scored by the audience. The players given the highest scores continue while those with lower numbers leave the show. This goes on for several rounds until only one improvisor remains – the Maestro.

Directed by Shawn Fisher and Valerian Stöger MC: Christof Schmidt Piano: Erik Rysavy Players: Agnes Zenk, Andy Schmidhofer, Ben Smith, Caroline Scherleitner, Daniel Arora, Laura Prasch, Johannes Polt, Martina Slobodová, Paige Tuhey and Zed Muhammed

Doors open 7:30 PM

Maestro Impro(TM) is created (c) by Keith Johnstone. All Rights Reserved. https://impro.global/

You can also be part of the show – join the free warm-up workshop at 5:30 PM to get a chance! Click on “More Info” for details


Okt 13 2023


8:00 pm



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